Tokyo Institute of Technology Institute of Inovative Research Quantum Navigation Unit


2021.09.07 The site visit of the COI-NEXT program was held.
2021.04.19 We have released the homepage of the quantum navigation unit.
2021.04.01 The quantum navigation unit has kicked into gear.
2021.02.26 A quantum sensor hub has started at the Tokyo Institute of Technology.
2020.12.15 Our group has been adopted for the COI-NEXT program.


Global positioning system (GPS) realized stable and safe navigation of ships, planes, and other traffic systems. However, the navigation precision under the ground or water is much worse than the case on the ground level. Even on the ground surface, there are various problems such as jamming or spoofing, threatening our safety and security. This research unit develops and implements cutting-edge technology covering classical to quantum areas and aims to establish revolutionary navigation technology to expand the human being's active region to the underwater or deep space. We also apply such novel navigation technology for diagnosing the inside of the earth and realize disaster defense and mitigation.

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Prof. Mikio Kozuma